NUSA Special School

Time Period : Running since 2011

Donor Organization : Nusa and PKSF

Budget : 5,28,620 taka

Number of targeted beneficiaries : 58 people

Goal : To make children with disabilities self-reliant by acquiring technical skills along with primary education.

Objective : Integrate backward children with disabilities and bring them into the mainstream of society.

District – Shariatpur

Upazila – Naria

Union Village
Naria Municipality
Moktar char

Description of activities

Group gatherings of children with different types of disabilities to help their physical and mental development through various sports and drawing. To build self-reliance by providing training in daily activities. To develop their latent talents and provide primary education through dance-song, recitation of poems. Provides regular physical therapy services, including regular therapy. To make arrangements for the admission of children with disabilities who are suitable for admission in general schools by increasing their intelligence through person-centered teaching with great care. They are also helped to become self-reliant through vocational training. 



Nusa Specialized School has been working successfully with utmost efficiency to meet the needs and talents of children with disabilities. In 2012, one of the children of this school, Mahasin Sikder, won the second place in the divisional stage of the Special Olympics in soft ball throwing and Bachi. In the Special Olympics 2019, Mohammad Ali and Himel Mridha won 2nd and 3rd place in athletics at the divisional level and placed in the top 10 at the national level. So far 10 students have been admitted in general schools. One male and two female students are helped to become self-reliant through vocational training. He also regularly participates in upazila based drawing competitions in government national events.

2 teachers including 1 headmistress, 2 education assistants and 1 van driver are coming to serve the children regularly. Teachers carefully teach these children according to their needs and help them to grow physically and mentally through vocational education.