Nusa Cultural and Sports Program

Project Timeline : Running since 2018
Donor Organization : Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)
Budget : 1175800/- taka
Goal : Reaching out cultural and sports activities to all levels of people.


One of the objectives of the cultural and sports program is to create brotherly relations, respect and encourage healthy society management and good thinking, not to discriminate among people, to unite people of all generations including children, adolescents and youth and to prevent friendship and discrimination and evil thoughts.

Beneficiary : Students of all schools, colleges and madrasas in Naria, Jajira and Vedharganj upazilas.
Description of activities: Among the cultural activities are recitation, correct pronunciation, song debate competition etc. Sports activities include Hadudu, Dariabandha, football competitions, cricket, swimming competitions, marathon races etc.

Achievements of cultural activities:

A workshop with students at Naria Biharilal Government High School on 25/09/2019. A workshop at Sajanpur High School on 29/09/2020. School based cultural competition at Vedharganj Pilot High School on 21/10/2020, School based cultural competition at Government Jazira Mohar Ali Model High School on 23/09/2020, School based cultural competition at Lonsing Giasuddin Girls High School on 26/10/2020 Competition, Upazila based cultural competition was held on 26/01/2020 and school based cultural
competition was held on 12/03/2020 at Jajira Girls High School and College premises in Jajira Upazila.

Achievements of sports activities:
On Tuesday 24/12/2019, a fair for young and old and a friendly sports competition was organized at Munshi Azizul Haque High School ground premises in Naopara Union. 15/01/2020 AD: A school based sports competition was held on Wednesday at Azizur Rahman High School ground premises in Vedharganj upazila. A school based sports competition was held on Sunday 26/01/2020 at Alhaj Md. Ismail Memorial High School ground premises of Jajira Upazila and on Monday 10/02/2020 AD a school based sports
competition was held at Vedanganj Sajanpur Islamia High School ground.

Achievements of the Cleanup Program:
Regular monthly meetings are held to inform and exchange views on the clean-up program. 19 dustbins have been set up at Premtala village in Naria upazila. A van has been procured and a driver has been hired to remove the dirt from the dustbin and billboard stickers have been printed.


Adolescent Program:
4 Adolescent Clubs, 2 Adolescent Clubs and 5 School Forums have been formed with the students of Naria Upazila Secondary School.