NUSA at a glance

Introduction to NUSA

After Colonel (Retd) Shawkat Ali was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 1989, he announced the name of “Naria Upazila Non-Governmental development Organization” as an NGO for the development of the poor; from the Vijay Mancha on the ground of Naria BL High School. Later the name was changed to Naria Unnayan Samiti i.e. in short, ‘NUSA’.

Nusa’s Vision & Goals


Nusa expects a social system where there will be equal opportunities for all.


NUSA's goal is to help marginalized people increase their awareness and ability to achieve their rights


  • Good governance
  • Gender equality
  • Promoting human rights
  • Active participation


  • To establish the rights and accessibility of disadvantaged marginalized people in government and non-government institutions
  • To improve the quality of life of marginalized people for sustainable development.
  • To develop the health and nutrition of the people for building a prosperous society.
  • To increase the ability to adapt to the environment created by climate change.
  • To increase the management capacity of NUSA in implementing quality development activities and to increase the institutional capacity for recognition as a mid-level organization.​

Introduction to NUSA

The organization started its activities for poverty alleviation and socio-economic development of the backward communities. Later, its scope of work gradually increased through the provision of multifaceted services.In the past years, the scope of its work has been further expanded by working on issues related to adaptation to natural disasters, including natural disaster management, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction. Moreover, various programs are being implemented in its areas of work to strengthen the social security environment including health, education, nutrition, family planning, legal aid, sports, culture. At present, the loan activities are being conducted through 30 branches for the implementation of NUSA’s program. Apart from this, enterprising loan assistance is being provided to turn a section of the poor into middle income people by creating small entrepreneurs. As of June 20, the company has made a significant contribution in creating employment for about 40,000 families by disbursing loans of around Tk 1,150.27 crore in various sectors. In addition to disbursement of loans, they have formed active partnerships by providing technical assistance in various income generating trainings and marketing of manufactured products. A great deal of work is underway to create employment by providing long-term technical training for self-employment of unemployed youth. As a result, so far 601 youths have completed training in various trades and are trying to become self-reliant in their respective fields. 537 of them have got the opportunity of self-employment in various ways and have brought income to their families by earning income in their respective fields. Various projects are being implemented for the purpose of upholding the rights of persons with disabilities. Moreover, in order to make the organization disability friendly, special opportunities have been provided for the persons with disabilities in the human resource policy of the organization. A women-friendly work environment has been created for the women of the organization, including the management of various projects for women’s empowerment.


In addition, under the social development activities, rehabilitation of beggars, provision of assistive devices to persons with disabilities, distribution of free sanitary latrines and tube wells, provision of scholarships to poor meritorious students, local religious institutions and roads are being provided to the people. In collaboration with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, there are various life skills and income generating trainings for women benefiting from VGD, maternity allowance and lactating mothers. With the help of a small grant from the Bangladesh NGO Foundation every year, for the self-employment of poor women, their sewing training and distribution of free machines, distribution of free goats etc. are conducted. Besides, by implementing government basic literacy project 64 district activities, signature knowledge has been completed for 18000 old men and women of Vedharganj upazila and activities are being carried out to enrich the signature knowledge of 20400 people in Jajira upazila. Apart from the mentioned, Nusa continues to raise awareness through book reading activities, celebration of different national days etc

Some of the Notable Fragments of NUSA’s Various Development Activities.