Audit Department

Audit System

A coordinator is in charge of this department full time. He regularly monitors all ongoing NUSA programs and projects, collects the necessary information, verifies progress, and submits reports.

The members of the audit cell are as follows: –

  1. Md. Faruk HossainChief Auditor (Internal)
  2. H.M. Moslem UddinAuditor (Internal)
  3. Topon Chandra Das Auditor (Internal)
  4. Md. Masud HossainAuditor (Internal)
  5. H.M. Kamrul HossainAuditor (Internal)

Functions Completed by the Audit Department in the Fiscal year 2019-2020

  1. Field and office level audits of 30 branches of the company have been completed.
  2. The head office audit of the company has been completed.
  3. Prosperity Project (2 branches)
  4. Veteran Project (3 Unions)
  5. Fisheries, Animal Resources and Agriculture Units
  6. Sports and cultural projects
  7. VGD project
  8. BLP project
  9. Nusa Training Center (NTC)
  10. Skill for Employment Investment Project (SEIP)
  11. Value chain development project
  12. Lactating Mother Project
  13. Sewing training

NUSA’s Networking

Various member networks and forums affiliated with NUSA: -