Training & Workshop

Nusa has a well-equipped and well-equipped training center. There, 6 officers / employees have received training to enhance the required skills from different levels of the organization. They have participated in the necessary training of officers and employees of all departments including microcredit, education, health, rehabilitation of the disabled, legal aid, social development. In the last financial year, the company has organized training in 5 trades through 6 courses. Through the training, 198 people at the staff level and 425 people at the beneficiary level have received training in specific subjects.


The details of the training are given below in a form of a table :

Serial Name of Training No. of Participants Staffs Beneficiaries
Basic training in loan management
Accounting and financial management training
Sustainable development goals, human rights and gender
Center management and leadership training
150 (Samity Level)
Skill development training for unemployed youth
275 (Member Level)

One of the goals of NUSA is to create skilled human resources and employment opportunities through training. To this end, a
training cell has been formed in the mainstream of the organization whose job is to organize and provide training, arrange training, liaise with various partner organizations to create training opportunities in Nusa’s management. The NUSA head office has an air-conditioned 30-50 seating conference room with all the facilities for conferences, workshops, seminars and trainings

In addition, with the grant of the Government of Japan in 2012, NUSA’s own 24 percent land has been provided with a three-story training building foundation and two-story training facilities. NUSA’s Multidimensional Training Complex (MTC) is a training center of
Naria Unnayan Samiti (NUSA). This training center has facilities to conduct all kinds of training in a pleasant environment. The training center has 2 training rooms (seating for 30 people), a meeting room, a dining room (50 people), an office room and an information room. There are also 4 separate lab rooms for technical training, such as: auto mechanics, mobile phone servicing, electrical, computer training. There is separate accommodation for men and women for the trainees. The training center has 30
computers, 2 multimedia projectors, two sound systems, video player, TV, VI board and whiteboard for conducting training. There are also generators and solar power systems if there is no electricity.