NUSA’s Current Branches and Project Offices’ List

NUSA Head Office

Post Office: Naria,

Upazila: Naria,

District: Shariatpur – 8020

Branches and Project Offices’ List

01. NUSA Naria branch
Naria Municipality Building

Post Office: Naria, Upazila: Naria, District: Shariatpur-8020,
Manager: Biswajit Mandal
Mobile No: 01721-779404

02. NUSA Ghorisha Branch
Ghorisha Bazar

Post office: Gharisha, Upazila: Naria, District: Shariatpur-8022,
Manager: Shahjalal Kabiraj
Mobile No: 01715-161263

03. NUSA Zajira Branch
TNT Junction

Post Office and Upazila: Zajira, District: Shariatpur-8010,
Manager: Al Islam
Mobile No: 01718-183394

04. NUSA Kajirghat Branch
Kajirghat Bus-stand

Post Office: Laukhola, Upazila: Zajira, District: Shariatpur-8010,
Manager : Khalilur Rahman
Mobile No: 01912-196216

05. NUSA Vedorganj Branch
Asma Villa, Rural Electricity Office Building, College Road

Post Office: Vedarganj, District: Shariatpur-8030
Manager: Dipok Mandol
Mobile No: 01737-862898

06. NUSA Bhedorgonj Branch
Khaja Building

Post Office: Bhojeshwar, Upazila: Naria, District: Shariatpur-8020
Manager:Md. Shahidur Rahman
Mobile No: 01719-811189

07. NUSA Dogri Branch ​
Dogri Bazar

Post Office: Nashasan, Upazila: Naria, District: Shariatpur-8020,
Manager: Liton
Mobile No: 01971-162941

08. NUSA Damudya Branch
Adjacent to Imam Uddin High School

Post Office and Upazila: Damudya, District: Shariatpur
Manager:Tajul Islam
Mobile No: 01720-388632

09. NUSA Shariatpur Sadar Branch

Dhanuka Government College Junction, Shariatpur Sadar, District: Shariatpur,
Manager:Anupam Shaha
Mobile No: 01711-386134

10. NUSA Shakhipur Branch
Rashid Bepari Road, Shakhipur

Thana: Sakhipur, District: Shariatpur,
Manager:Proshanto Mandol
Mobile No: 01722-244451

11. NUSA Gosairhat Branch
Das-er Jongol

Post Office and Upazila: Gosairhat, District: Shariatpur,
Manager: Mizanur Rahman
Mobile No: 01717-480143

12. Nusa Moderhat Branch
Adjacent to Moderhat market

Upazila: Damudya, District: Shariatpur,
Manager: Nazmul Hossain
Mobile No: 01936-429710

13. NUSA Chandrapur Branch
Chandrapur Bazar

Post Office: Chandrapur, Upazila + District: Shariatpur,
Manager: Khalilur Rahman
Mobile No: 01720-840000

14. NUSA Gopalpur Branch
Chanderchor Bazar

Post Office: Chanderchar, Upazila: Shibchar, District: Madaripur
Manager: Mehedi Hasan
Mobile No: 01736-288398

15. NUSA Bijhari Branch

Upazila: Naria, District: Shariatpur,
Manager:Sazzad Hossain
Mobile No: 01760-788767

16. Nusa Kartikpur Branch
Kartikpur Launch Ghat Junction

Upazila: Naria, District: Shariatpur,
Manager: Md. Imran Hosen
Mobile No: 01740-550967

17. Nusa Shivchar Branch
Dak Bangla Road, Shibchar Bazar

Upazila: Shibchar, District: Madaripur,
Manager: Kuddus Ali
Mobile No: 01710-513550

18. Nusa Balar Bazar Branch
Adjacent to Balar Bazaar

Chandpur Road, Post Office: Balarhat, Thana: Sakhipur, District: Shariatpur,
Manager:Maruf Hasan Tareq
Mobile No: 01717-470341

19. Nusa Kodalpur Branch
Union Parishad Road

Post Office: Kodalpur, Upazila: Gosairhat, District: Shariatpur,
Manager:Delowar Hossain
Mobile No: 01727-256325

20. Nusa Nagerpara Branch
Pakhmosar Road.

Post Office: Nagerpara, Upazila: Gosairhat, District: Shariatpur,
Manager: A. Aziz
Mobile No: 01990-971809

21. Nusa Tarabunia Branch
Adjacent to Tarabunia Majhi Bazaar

Upazila: Vedarganj, District: Shariatpur.
Manager: Md. Nurul Amin
Mobile No: 01796-587314

22. Nusa Naopara Branch
Adjacent to Naopara Public School

Post Office: Naopara, Upazila: Naria, District: Shariatpur,
Manager:Abul Khayer
Mobile No: 01730-943271

23. Nusa Naodoba Branch , Naodoba
Adjacent to the Union Health Complex

Post Office: Naodoba, Upazila: Jajira, District: Various, Mobile No: 01748-925547
Manager:Mojibur Rahman
Mobile No: 01748-925547

24. Nusa Mother Bazar Branch
Mother Bazar Road

Post Office: Math Bazar, Upazila: Madaripur Sadar, District: Madaripur,
Manager: A. Kadir
Mobile No: 01738-719777

25. Kachikata Branch
Kachikata Road

Upazila: Vedarganj, District: Shariatpur, Mobile No: 01717-460-679
Manager: Asgar Ali
Mobile No: 01717-460-679

26. Kuchaipatti Branch
Kuchaipatti Bazar Road, Kuchaipatti

Upazila: Gosair Hat, District: Shariatpur,
Manager: Mostofa Kamal
Mobile No: 01786-692993

27. Kunder Chor Branch
Kunder Chor Bazar

Upazila: Jajira, District: Shariatpur,
Manager: Shahidul Islam Chattar
Mobile No: 01911-717469

28. Mostafapur Branch
Mostofapur Junction

Upazila: Madaripur Sadar, District: Madaripur,
Manager: Shafiul Islam
Mobile No: 01725-468894

29. Kalkini Branch
Thengamara Road

Upazila: Kalkini, District: Madaripur,
Manager: Proshanto Modhu
Mobile No: 01314-672797

30. Borkathi Branch
Borkathi Bazar

Upazila: Vedarganj, District: Shariatpur,
Manager: Sanjay Boidya
Mobile No: 01718-353520

31. Basic literacy (64 districts)
TNT Junction

Post Office and Upazila: Jajira, District: Shariatpur-8010,
Manager: Md. Al-Amin
Mobile No: 01737-321048

32. NUSA Training Center
Shadhinota Sharak

Upazila: Naria, District: Shariatpur
Training Officer: Asiya Khatun Ruma, Sub-coordinator training
Mobile No: 01748-916717

Description of NUSA's Overall Work Areas

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