Goat Rearing Project

Timeperiod : From 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021
Donor Organization : Bangladesh NGO Foundation
Budget : 2,75,000 / = (two lakh seventy five thousand) taka
Beneficiary : 35 people
Goal : Creating self-employment opportunities for poor / extremely poor women.
Objective : Creating self-employment opportunities for 35 poor female head families.

Work Area

Serial District Upazila Union Village (number)
Shakhipur & Dokhhin Tarabuniya

Activity details
Applications are collected from the poor / extremely poor women of the area from the members who are willing to keep goats. The application is verified by inspecting the spot and suitable members are selected. Implementation has been somewhat delayed due to corona, floods and rains. Purchase of goats, purchase of scaffolding for goat rearing, purchase and distribution of accessories have been completed.
Women have been given the necessary orientation for goat rearing at an early stage. Their training will be provided in the next few days. Currently, monitoring and follow-up is being done through the regular staff of the organization.

Work Area

Serial Training details Beneficiaries Participants Remarks
Goat Rearing Program
35 people
35 people


At the end of the training, they have been introduced to the government veterinarian to take care of their goats as much as possible and get the necessary treatment, so that they can easily earn money by treating and caring for the goats