Human Resource & Administration

Department of Administration and Human Resources of NUSA

Human resources are managed by the decisions and recommendations of Nusa’s board of directors. The executive director acts as a bridge between the board of directors and the staff. NUSA has 6 senior management staff, 61 mid-level management staff, 962 field level staff and 6 support staff to run all the activities smoothly. Officers / employees of all levels from top to bottom of an organization do the work of proper placement, replacement, distribution of responsibilities, evaluation and provision of facilities, provision of punishment, etc. in respect of development of administrative and professional skills, transfer of transfers, promotions, etc. Nusa has 1 Assistant Director and 1 Office Assistant in the Department of Human Resources and Administration. In the last financial year, NUSA has appointed a total of 25 officers / employees in different posts and departments. Among the recruited staff, a total of 57 people have been imparted training in 14 different subjects. They assist other department heads in implementation of activities.

They also assist the authorities in making decisions regarding the facilities of the recruited employees and officers. Administrative activities such as setting up of new offices, repair and maintenance, purchase / sale of vehicles and goods etc. are also done by them.

As of June 30, 2020, the number of officers and employees working in Nusa is 1115. Of these, 26 are regular workers and 648 are project workers and part-time workers. There are 549 female employees (49%) working in various official positions in the company. Therefore, the role of the organization in women’s empowerment has been praised by various donor agencies and government and non-government organizations. A certain standard is maintained for recruitment at all levels of the organization. In order to complete the recruitment process with transparency, the recruitment committee constituted by the board of directors of the organization conducts the work in this regard. All recruited officers are given responsibilities in their workplace on the basis of building skills in their respective fields by providing appropriate training to the employees.

MIS System

NUSA’s Management Information System (MIS) operates in an automated manner using state-of-the-art technology. Automation automatically prepares reports from microfinance, finance and accounting departments. MIS of all branches and head offices of the company is being maintained under online automation.

Finance & Accounting

The organization follows the guidelines of PKSF and other donor agencies for proper accounting and transparency and accountability of financial transactions. All transactions are conducted through banks. The company ensures accounting
and financial management following BAS and IAS. The audit of the company is completed every year by an approved chartered accounting firm. In the financial year 2019-2020, the accounts of
the company have been audited by Habib Sarwar & Co.

Nusa's Policies

Nusa has policies that have been approved by the board of directors to manage its activities smoothly and efficiently. The policies are given below